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The 5 types of exercises you NEED in your workout routine


If you don't work with a trainer or coach at the gym, it can be confusing deciding what exercises you should do to get a well-balanced workout that strengthens the entire body properly.

But once I break this down for you, it won't seem so complicated!

First, we break down the body into 3 general areas

→ Upper body

→Lower body


Your upper body consists of your shoulder, arms, chest and upper back

Your lower body consists of your hips, thighs and lower legs

Your core includes your torso and lower back

Second, we break down exercises/movement patterns...

Now that ↑ is probably where it sounds super complex and daunting. BUT guess what? We break all movements up into only 2 categories



Yup! That is it! Of course there are more complex movements out there that add in rotation and such... but at its most basic core all movements are some type of PUSH and some type of PULL. The complexity is usually when it combines the two together.

AND the important part, if you balance out your pushes and pulls you will be giving your body healthy balanced strength and movement to be faster, stronger, and injury free.

SO when we combine each body region with each movement category we get...

Upper body push

Upper body pull

Lower body push

Lower body pull


If you routinely complete exercises in each of the above 5 categories, you will be strong, powerful, and much less likely to injure yourself!

Now what is the best way to balance those exercises out?

It could be within a workout, within one superset of your workout, or it could even be within a week.

For instance:

Within a work out (you get all movement done within one session)

25 minutes of:

One upper body push

One upper body pull

One lower body push

One lower body pull

One core exercise

Within a superset of your work out (all movements done within your session but broken up into smaller supersets)

4 rounds of superset 1:

One upper body push

One lower body push

4 rounds of superset 2:

One upper body pull

One lower body pull

Core finisher

Within your week (by the end of the week you have worked on all movements)


Focus on upper body pushes and pulls


Focus on lower body pushes and pulls


Focus on conditionings and core

And those are just 3 ideas to get you started! The options and combinations are endless!

So what are the specific exercises that constitute pushes and pulls? Here are some basic exercises to get you started...

Upper body pushes:

→ Push ups

→Chest press

→Overhead press

Upper body pulls:

→Dumbbell rows

→TRX rows

→Chin/pull ups

Lower body pushes:



→Step ups

Lower body pulls:


→Kettlebell swings



→Front planks

→Side planks


The above is a great place to start... BUT if you want to know even more exercises for each exercise category (plus demo videos), more ways to put together your workouts, and exercises for injury prevention...

Grab this

In your guide you will learn

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And continue to follow along our blog as we dive deeper into how to properly build balance in your weekly workouts...

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