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50 Ways to Prevent Pain When Sitting All Day

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Hey there!

Does sitting all day at your computer make you feel stiff, achy and tired??

If you said yes then check out the "50 Ways to Prevent Pain When Sitting All Day" strategy guide below ↓

This strategy guide is meant to give you quick and easy ways to add in gentle movements all throughout your work day. The exercises might seem small and inconsequential, but trust me when I say these little changes make a world of difference!

Download PDF • 232KB

There are 10 strategies/exercises for each body region (neck & shoulders, wrists, back, hips & knees, ankles)

Pick the body region that gives you the most trouble during your day and start there... the next day (or week) try another body region!


Did you download the strategy guide and have no idea what some of those exercises are ?!?

Watch a video of all 50 exercises below ↓


#17 (ball squeezes) got left out of the video 🤦🏻‍♀️

Just grab a stress ball or tennis ball in your hand and squeeze!


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