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5 Minute Shoulder Screen

Download the exact screen I do with my patient's to figure out what their shoulder needs to be pain-free! And receive 3 days worth of exercises to start based on your shoulder screen results.

Shoulder screen no background.png

I tweaked my shoulder, now what?

A 3 part email series to tell you:

✔︎ Is it a muscle, ligament or nerve injured?

✔︎ Is my pain from actually from my neck?

✔︎ Which muscle is causing me problems?

✔︎ A step by step guide to manage your pain

✔︎ How to safely get back to exercise

50 Ways to prevent pain when sitting all day

A strategy guide giving you 50 ways to keep moving during your seated workday. With demonstration video of all 50 exercises! 

50 ways to move finished.png

Goodbye Neck Pain

6 Part email series telling you:

✔︎ The difference between 3 common neck disorders (neck instability, posture related pain, herniated disc)

✔︎ How to manage your pain

✔︎ How to safely regain your range of motion

✔︎ Exercises you need to improve your strength & posture

Master Guide to Healthy Joints

Learn how to build better strength workouts, be more flexible than ever, and live without worry of injury!

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